Our mission

Planting Trees for Sustainable Development

Nepal Evergreen is a volunteer-run initiative committed to planting trees and plants in impoverished rural regions of Nepal. Our mission goes beyond benefiting natural habitats; we also aim to create economic opportunities for local communities through farms, orchards, and private lands.

Environmental Impact and Community Benefits

We prioritize planting tree species that maximize carbon sequestration, promote soil health, and combat climate change, reducing the carbon footprint of tourism. This approach fosters resilience, ecological stability, and long-term sustainability for Nepal and the planet as a whole.

Our mission

Project Highlights and Achievements

Since 2020, we have focused on planting fruit trees around schools rebuilt by The Juniper Trust after the 2015 earthquake, with active participation from local residents. We ensure cost-efficiency by purchasing saplings in bulk and nurturing them for six months in Kathmandu Valley nurseries. Despite COVID-19 challenges, we successfully delivered 10,000 saplings in 2021 and expanded our efforts in 2022, distributing 6,000 additional saplings and providing support for procuring 3,000 more from local forests to expand orchards.

Future Plans and Initiatives

In 2023, we will distribute 10,000 more fruit tree saplings, including popular varieties like Avocado, Pear, Mandarin, Coffee, Sichuan Pepper, Lemon, and Walnut. We also respond to community preferences by initiating Bamboo, Lokta, and tea plantations in the Kinja Valley. Additionally, we aim to restore parts of the Kinja Valley affected by a new hydro project and establish a local nursery for long-term sustainability.

Our mission

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Let’s plant 100,000 trees in Nepal !