Who we are

In partnership with the Juniper Trust, an organization founded in 1994 by a group of volunteers. JT has grown and supported numerous worthwhile projects worldwide. Its fundamental vision remains unchanged from its inception: to work in a low-impact, sustainable manner, addressing the needs of the poorest communities, especially children, in the developing world by actively listening to their concerns.

One of the initiatives organized by the Juniper Trust is Nepal Evergreen, which emerged from providing support to schools affected by earthquakes. This volunteer-based initiative enables visitors to offset their carbon footprint and contribute to local communities. Through supporting Nepal Evergreen, visitors play a role in preserving the environment, supporting livelihoods, and fostering a sustainable future for Nepal.

The Juniper Trust operates with volunteers, ensuring that 100% of any donation is allocated directly to the intended project without any overhead or administrative expenses.

Durlav Roy Chowdhury
Durlav, a renowned photographer recognized for his work with National Geographic and other magazines, has generously volunteered his skills to capture the inspiring stories of communities benefiting from our projects.
Laura Giles
Laura, a lecturer at Lancaster University with expertise in biodiversity net gain, carbon sequestration, ecology, and tree works consultation services, has generously volunteered to oversee The Juniper Trust’s Nepal Evergreen Project.
Geraldine Deprieck
Geraldine, a freelance graphic designer residing in Chamonix, is committed to utilizing her skills to address the impact of tourism on global warming. Her passion lies in contributing to the Nepal Evergreen projects and creating a positive environmental impact.
Abhishek Pandey
Following the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, Abhishek has been instrumental in personally supervising the reconstruction of 15 out of the 20 Juniper schools. Currently, he leads a dedicated team of volunteers in Nepal, focusing on the Nepal Evergreen projects.
Glenn’s passion for the Himalayas and extensive travels there over the past 40 years have led him to actively help the people in the region. As a Trustee of The Juniper Trust, his work has naturally progressed towards the Nepal Evergreen projects.

As dedicated volunteers, our primary focus is to improve the lives of local communities in Nepal while simultaneously mitigating the carbon footprint associated with tourism. We achieve this by sourcing funding and resources to support tree planting initiatives that promote biodiversity conservation and foster sustainability practices. Through our collective efforts, we aim to engage individuals and communities, provide the necessary resources, and coordinate tree-planting activities. Our goal is to enhance the well-being of local communities, protect the environment, and work towards a more sustainable future for Nepal.

Let’s plant 100,000 trees in Nepal !